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Zuma Beach | Trancas Canyon Trail

Zuma, a popular word around Malibu terrain is used in several languages. In Arabic, it means “peace”. It is Chumash for “wealth”. The trails around Zuma beach, in particular the Trancas Canyon trail define both of these words—there is wealth of scenic beauty and tranquility all around. The perennial streams running through these canyons have plentiful animal and plant life. These same natural resources have influenced and given rise to a long and rich cultural history.

Trail Specifications

Distance:6 miles
Time:4 hrs. 0 mins.
Ascent:375 feet
Grid Reference:N710947
Public Transportation:YES

About Zuma Beach | Trancas Canyon Trail

Zuma Beach

While venturing through the canyons, look and listen for the signs of life around you. Walk carefully along the trails and discover tracks of deer, rabbit and coyote. Marvel at the delicate homes of funnel web spiders hiding in the earth’s tiny crevices. Listen for the shy wren-tit, the “voice of the chaparral.” Though rarely seen, its call sounds like a ping-pong ball echoing throughout the canyon.

The scenic highway now called Pacific Coast Highway made the area more accessible to a greater population, forever changing California’s coast. However, Zuma and Trancas Canyons remained minimally developed. Throughout their history, these canyons have had many names, many residents, and many owners. Preserved by the National Park Service, their "zuma" or their abundance of resources and beauty remain for you to experience.
Address: End of Busch Drive, N of Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu
Phone: (818) 597-9192

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