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Maldives, Kalyani Amladi, Close to Heaven


Maldives is a group of islands in the Indian ocean, about one hour flight from the major airports in India like Bengaluru, Trivendrum and Mumbai. There are direct flights also from several other international airports in Europe, UK and Asia. It lies in the Laccadive sea, about 250 miles SW of India.

There are 105 islands in the nation of Maldives; capital is Male, an island by itself and the only island with a commercial airport. 

Islands are spectacular. Pristine water, millions of fish, great snorkeling and diving, deep sea fishing and other water sports.Visitors fly to the resorts (each island is a separate resort, including several US and Indian hotels that have built 5 star resorts there).

Hilton at Rungalee Island resort has an authentic underwater restaurant--a meal there is a memorable event.

Maldives is also famous for its breathtaking atolls (coral reef surrounded by a sandy lagoon), which are visible as you fly into the resorts.

And briskwalking is great on sand, around the lush forest and just about everywhere else on the islands.

Absolutely, positively worth a visit. . . . .or two!

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