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Hilton in Heathrow, Terminal 4 - London England

Lobby Overlook


This 398-room hotel is about a 10-15 minute walk from the arrival lounge of Term 4, which hosts airlines that serve long-haul European destinations—Delta, KLM, Air India etc. For those that are mobility challenged there are shuttles and taxis available which are also about 10 minute ride. Room rates range from $235 to $305. Our only complaint is that the rooms and bathrooms are small.

The hotel is airy, with a curved, contemporary look that lets in sunlight (well, remember it is London, where a cloudless sky is not very frequent!) and has an  open look.

Why, for an airport hotel, this Hilton even has a swimming pool!

Besides the amenities mentioned at the beginning of this article, dining is also outstanding. While the Dancers bar offers casual dishes, the full service restaurant, Aromi serves great food. We tried the Orecchiette pasta (which originates from the Southern Italian region)  served with Pancetta , and found it flavorful. Also for vegetarians, the gluten-free Beetroot Risotto is delicious—although the beets while mixed nicely with the rice, take some getting used to. Aromi also has a 2 and 3-item pre-fix menu. Prices are reasonable—for being inside an airport and seeing it is after all London. Items range from $20 to $45. Other than the main area being a bit noisy (since the restaurant is also open and the high ceiling probably tends to amplify sounds), we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner.

Dancer's Bar

The Executive Lounge serves a wide variety of English and Western breakfast menu, as well as canapé and drinks in the evening. It is considerably spacious.

The staff, including Ms Perez (Guest Relations), at the Reception and in the Lounge were very helpful.

All in all, we would definitely choose this hotel for any stopover through London.


Swimming Pool

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