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New Zealand North Island

New Zealand North Island is such a kind of place where it can be aptly called as Nature’s Paradise surrounded by picturesque love.The foot walkers experience the pleasure in enjoying the cloud piercing wonder of nurturing nature and array of waterfalls. This nature’s heaven is so mesmerizing and the scenic beauty is spread throughout the islandwhich compels you for taking snaps throughout your walk. New Zealand North Islandis rated as one of the best places where tourists crave to explore the place through foot.

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Are you looking for a peaceful walking tour forgetting all your stress and worries? Then New Zealand North Island is a sure spot destination for all your walking dreams. You will experience your walking though the volcanic activities, waterfalls and meadows. The gorgeous display of nature make you walk so long that you forget the distance and tiredness. However, it is always advisable to carry plenty of water as much as needed. 

Join a small group and explore the place of Lake Waikaremoana which is a 44km walking track surrounded by enchanted green cover of trees. To have a great walk in New Zealand, it is advisable to carry a perfect boot and a good backpack which stores all your essential needs.  You can also go ahead for walking to a 20 km Cape Brett Walkway which might be challenging but rewarding. If you are looking for an easy walk, Wenderholm Perimeter Track in North Island suits your need as it covers for only 4 km but requires 2 ½ hours to completely explore the place.

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