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Leadville can offer you all a walker can wish for – starting from mountain scenery to valleys and peaks and the list goes on. This statutory city is also often called as ‘The Two Mile High City’ and ‘Cloud City’. Add-on information to it is that Leadville is the highest incorporated city in United States at 10, 430 feet which is being considered as the mining town. 

Let’s look at some of the serene spots that can be explored in Leadville.

If you wish to start with an adventurous trip to Leadville, then Leadville Evergreen Cemetery Walking Tour gives the best of spiking experience. A walk with the spirits is always spooky. By visiting this spirited cemetery, you will come across different styles and makers of headstones which will lead to many historic stories. If you have successfully done with your walking here, you can move on to the Twin Lake which gives a fabulous experience of walking through the snow on peaks. You can also try fishing and hiking for a peaceful sightseeing experience. Leadville, famous for lakes also offers a pleasant place to the walkers known as Timberline Lake. One can visit this place from March through October. Though, it is advisable to visit this place having the company of boots and bug sprays, you will be delighted to get a great pay off. Other places include Mount Elbert and Mineral Belt Trail which gives you breathtaking experience of majestic mountains and spectacular pathways. One has to remember that the walk to these places is straightforward but challenging. 

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