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World's Most Dangerous Hiking Trails, by Jim Stanwick

These are, according to experienced hikers, world's most dangerous hiking trails. These are not recommended if you have a heart condition, fear of heights and if you are not physically in top shape. Even at that, use caution, take plenty of sunscreen, water and wear good, strong hiking boots and socks.

This is the Angel's Landing,  in Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Park, Utah.. This is a short hike that attracts a lot of people. The number of hikers can lead to traffic jams at the upper point. The route starts with a narrow sandstone ridge with steep drop-offs. During the final ascent is a steep stone staircase. The path is just wide enough for one person. If a hiker decides to pass, they’ll be scurried over the edge. Be careful when passing! The National Park Service states that at least 5 people have fallen to their death but it doesn’t include the number of people who have fallen and have been rescued.

?This is Huayna Picchu, Cusco, Peru

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu can be a tough trek, and it takes a few casualties each year. But the real danger begins when you follow the trail past the mythical city and up Huayna Picchu, aka the “Hike of Death.” The so called  old "Inca staircase" is carved out of granite. It has a steep grade that rises to 1,000 feet in less than a mile. Plus, the route is full of rotting, crumbling rock, slippery stones, and exposed corners.

Because of its elevation (8 to 10,000 feet), the climate here is unpredictable, just like the trail. It can suddenly mist up, reducing visibility, and it can rain torrentially, making the trail slippery, specially with fallen leaves.

This is Mt. Huashan Plank Path, Xian, China

The hike starts at Huayin (the town at the foot of the mountain). You can either hike up the 6 hour stair route to the mountain, take the  cable car.  The hike itself is about 6 hours.

Besides the scary ‘plankwalk in the sky’ which requires you to wear a harness,   there are very steep drops, narrow stairs, vertical passes up and chain-lined nearly vertical walkways . The scariest part is the  narrow plank walkway nearly 7,000 ft in the air , about 5 feet wide and 300 feet long..  The remainder of the trail is composed of iron rods protruding from the mountain, small cut outs in the actual rock for your feet and/or chains for gripping yourself close to the mountainside. You do get spectacular views.