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Switzerland - Utterly, Loverly Lausanne




Lake Geneva, Alps from Lausanne


Lausanne is a beautiful little town located on the north-eastern shore of Lake Geneva, about  139 miles southwest of Zurich. Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe and measures 133 square miles.

What does Lausanne offer? View of sharp blue water, glittering sunlight and the purple and the majesty of Savoy Alps. Lausanne is very wooded  there are plenty of parks, and the tree-lined lakefront promenades and summer and spring bring dazzling rows of flowers everywhere you walk. It has been compared to San Francisco for its scenic beauty, quaintness and vibrancy.

Like many towns in Europe and particularly border towns of countries in Western Europe, Lausanne combines three cultures—French, German and Swiss. The cuisine is fantastic and you can get the best of all three cultures.

Lausanne sits next to Jura Mountains which offer spectacular hiking. Jura mountain range envelops Switzerland in a sweeping arc along its NE border between Geneva and Basel. Jura mountains ---you guessed it—date from Jurassic period, about 200 million years ago. Of course the granddaddy of Jura hiking is the Jura Crest trail which links Lausanne to Zurich. It is over 200 miles tip-to-tip, and its peaks reach 5,600 feet, highest in the south, near Lausanne.

Below is a link which breaks down the various stages of the Jura Crest trail.

The town of Lausanne offers great cuisine, sights and hospitality.

·         Among museums, do not miss  Palais de Rumine (Archeology, numismatic) and Fondation l’Hermitage (private art collection).


L      Lake Geneva

   Among parks, Esplenade de Montbenon which is right in the city and offers panoramic view of the lake and Jura Mountain range

·         Wine Trail, check out the neighboring Lavaux region

·         Train ride: You can combine hiking and train ride by taking the train to Chatel St. Denis which is famous for hiking trails to the smaller peaks and also, during winter, for snowshoeing.

·         Dining: La Grappe d’Or (fish and veal), Blue Lezard (music bistro) and Moutarlier Tea Room (tea and pastries)

·         Sports: Lausanne offers great ski runs in the Jura range, and also is famous for sky-gliding . Check out St. Cergue, just 50 miles from Lausanne.

·         Day trips: Montreux, Chateux  de Chillon and Vevey

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