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Governer's Island. Briskwalking----Away from the Urban Sprawl, by Shyam Amladi

 To say New York city specially Manhattan, defines busy is an understatement worthy of a Pullitzer. If you happen to be on a street corner  in NYC on a weekday around 9 AM, DO NOT STOP WALKING! Because the people behind you will sweep you forward. This includes crossing the street when the pedestrian light is red. . . .yes RED.

You see, Newyorkers, at least the ones I encountered last time I was there for business, like to play Russian roulette with the oncoming vehicular traffic.

But no worries. God takes care of crazy mad-dashers. So he has put a very nice island, a true bucolic retreat, literally a 10 minute ferry ride away from Manhattan.


Governer's Island is a beautiful, 170 acre island just half mile from the south New York bay, reachable by boat. Ferries run every 15 minutes as follows:

  •  Ferries leave from the Battery Maritime Building, Manhattan, on the corner of South and Whitehall Streets.
  • Ferries leave from Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 at the foot of Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn

It is a wonderful place to see Civil War era history (costumed folks wander around, play period music and read ballads from the good ole days--and don't forget to visit the Jay fort, started in 1796 and completed in  1811. For centuries, Governer's Island stood as a silent sentry, warning New York residents of any attacks from the sea.

Highly recommended---and after you briskwalk through the lush lawns and rolling paths, there are some nice restaurants either on the island or in South Manhattan.