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Hawaii - Waikiki Beach, Shyam Amladi

Waikiki beach, on the SW side of the Oahu Island (Hawaii) is one of the most beautiful  beaches in the world. It is also one of the most popular visiting spots. About 8 million people from all around the world visit Oahu and Waikiki and the Pearl Harbor Memorial site are the two top and “must-see” spots on the island, so it is probable that Waikiki receives most of those 8 million visitors seeking sun, sand and fun.

And yet, for all of the foot traffic it gets, plus all of the littering and other problems visitors and their pets bring to an oft-visited tourist spot, Waikiki is one of the cleanest public beaches in the world and also very scenic. And a huge advantage is—it is very easy to get to from downtown Oahu.

Of course there are more beautiful beaches as in Corfu (Greece) and Tetiaroa (French Polynesia). But if you do not want to be bored out of your mind with an isolated, secluded stretch of sand, Waikiki has most of what other more pristine beaches have to offer. Just look at the picture above—this is what it looks like on most days of the year.

Waikiki is a short, pleasant walk to the downtown part of Oahu—with restaurants, shopping malls and a nice promenade you would love to walk around in.

The only negative is—there is no shade right on the beach, however just a setback away, behind the beach is a nice park with huge, mature shade trees. You can relax, have picnic, shield yourself from direct sun and yet be in clear view of the beach.

While Waikiki is a narrow beach, relatively speaking , it stretches for several miles. It is ringed by hotels and resorts (Hilton Hawaiian Village is one of the largest hospitality facilities on Waikiki beach. But as mentioned before, the local authorities have made sure that there is no beach side construction so the entire beach is open to public.

The beach has a nice layer of carbonate sand which protect you from the rock and jagged stones that lie on the shallow part of the ocean near the beach entry.

A few times in the year, mostly in winter months, jellyfish do bother swimmers and warning signs are put up on the beach.

Another nice feature of the beach—it is very safe for kids. Waves are gentle—not like on the North side of the Oahu Island which is a haven for surfriders .

So have fun out there !