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Latest Research in England--Briskwalking, Shyam Amladi

Now, from England, comes a credible research from Doirann Maddock, clinical hynotherapist and Senior Cardiac Nurse at British Heart Foundation. Early this year,  after looking at the health records of 33,000 runners and 15,000 walkers, researchers found that the same energy used for moderate intensity walking and vigorous intensity running resulted in similar reductions in risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

The research also showed the more often people walked briskly or went running, the greater the health benefits.

One conclusion:  “These scientists have shown us that any brisk physical activity, not just those long, exhausting runs, can be great news for your heart health."


The best type of activity for your heart is moderate intensity aerobic activity which includes walking, as long as you feel warmer, breathe harder and your heart beats faster than usual. However, people with prior heart condition should take caution and monitor their heart and pulse rate for maximum levels, according to the advice given by their cardiologist. 

“Whether it’s walking, jogging or running, staying active will help control your weight, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and improve your mental health. In other words, you’ll look and feel great and reduce your risk of a heart attack and stroke, too.”

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