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Baby Aspirin - The Cure for -------Cancer? By Shyam Amladi



 Yes folks, the ultimate fighter for all things bad for your body is at it again--fighting the dreaded disease, cancer.

Studies in the UK during 2011-2012, involving large control-group samples, and published in the Oxford Journal's Annals of Oncology have found that 75 to 81 mg of aspirin reduced risk of colorectal cancer, in particular the risk of esophageal cancer (malignant tumor in the esophagus) and certain stomach cancers.

The groups most likely to benefit from aspirin’s anti-cancer powers, research suggests, are those at extra risk for colon cancer, and people between ages 50 and 75, said Dr. Andrew Chan, a gastroenterologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. Those older than 75 are at higher risk for aspirin’s side effects, and people younger than 50 stand to benefit less from its cancer-fighting effects, he said.

For further information on this, go to the website: and look for a comprehensive research paper on this subject, under ASPIRIN AND CANCER RISK: A QUANTITATIVE REVIEW TO 2011, by C.BOSETTI and others.

Before you start popping those pills though, remember--aspirin is not kind to many stomachs, so as always  -GET YOURSELF EXAMINED FIRST AND ASK YOUR DOCTOR.