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BriskwalkersWe the Briskwalkers

We are briskwalkers ourselves. We start with the simple belief that staying healthy can be. . . . .FUN! So we dedicate our site to creating a positive, vibrant environment for you---and encourage you to become members, share your ideas, articles, tips, recipes and anything else that you feel makes life worth living.So the site has walking destinations, recipes, quiz or two and other cool stuff.

Brisk walking offers serious health benefits. Fast-paced aerobics classes and fancy gyms have their attractions, but a simple brisk walk might be all you need to achieve your fitness goals. 

Brisk walking is walking fast or speed walking; it is a kind of exercise that helps you get in shape as well as keep physically healthy. How does brisk walking help you lose weight? Read on to learn this and other benefits to taking brisk walks on a daily basis.

So join us and aim for a healthier, more positive and vibrant lifestyle and get to know like-minded folks, won't you?

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